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Christ Sophia

Christ Sophia, Child of Wisdom
Dancing in our deepest dreams
Calling us to love unbounded
Daring us to God’s extremes –
peace and gentleness and justice
Kingdom values, wisdom’s themes.

Brother Jesus, Child of Mary
Walking with us on life’s way
Showing us God’s humble kingdom
Sharing both dark night and day
Breaking through death’s seeming ending
Into new life’s dawning ray.

God incarnate, our true mother,
Birthing us to joy and pain
Showing us the steps to dance to
Loving us to life again
Grow us into your true image
As we strive for your love’s reign.

Called to Faith (to Blaenwern)

Called to faith, your people gather,
Christ our Brother, in your name.
Knowing need of one another
Each face different, hearts the same:
Growing in your holy likeness,
Open, healing, Spirit-spurred.
Fam’lies formed for loving service
Fed by bread and wine and word.

Called to hope, your people serve you
As they reach out through your grace
Seeking out your mission’s purpose,
Being Christ in every place.
Working for shalom and justice
Learning how to simply share
So your will may be enacted
As we ask in daily prayer.

Called to love, your people challenge
All that silences your song:
Prejudice and greed and malice,
Weak exploited by the strong.
Serving Jesus in self-giving
Choosing your will, not our own,
We will truly be your people
So your kingdom can be grown.

To Thaxted

The heart of God is beating deep in our world today,
she breathes in all our breathing, prays in us when we pray.
We see her in the faces of those who love us best,
we feel her in their courage and in their tenderness;
we know her in the moments when hope and laughter blend,
when light shines into darkness and fearful horrors end.

The love of God is living in women and in men,
forming lives of loving service and birthing Christ again.
In hearts that ache for justice, in hands that offer peace,
in minds that plan for others, in care that does not cease,
we realize God’s presence, within us, as above.
Our world is blessed and sacred, God is here in all who love.

Hymn of Lament

Out of the depths of fear
We cry to you, O God.
The world we knew is shaken,
Our certainties are lost.
Heart-weary and forsaken
We cannot meet this cost.
We are afraid – where are you God?

Out of the depths of grief
We cry to you, O God.
Our hearts are cracked and broken
We’re hollow with this loss.
Your promises seem token
Amidst this tempest toss.
We are in grief – where are you God?

Out of the depths of faith
We cry to you, O God.
Though light’s almost extinguished
And trust is lost in fear
We turn to you in anguish,
In hope that you still hear.
We are your own – where are you God?

Pentecost Hymn (to Woodlands)

Dear Holy Wisdom, wellspring of all truth
Free now your children from our web of lies
So we may see injustice plain and clear:
Come Spirit of our God, open our eyes.

Wild Breath of God, speak in us clear and bold
Of God’s great hopes for all our human kind
Give us the words to challenge fear and hate:
Come Spirit of our God, open our minds.

Deep God within us, change this world of fear
Into a home where all may grow and thrive
Gentle our living, make us kind and brave:
Come Spirit of our God, open our lives.

Bright fire of Love, sweet, passionate and kind
Burn free and fierce transforming all our parts
Into one Christlike force for love and life:
Come Spirit of our God, open our hearts.


A Hymn for Maundy Thursday, to Quem Pastores, co-written with Peter Elliott

Word made flesh for our salvation,
Hope of every heart and nation,
Jesus Christ, our friend and brother
Tells us now  “Love one another.”

Breaking bread and washing feet:
“Do this every time you meet,”
Jesus Christ, our friend and brother
Teach us how to love each other.

Taken, broken, blessed and given;
Bread of earth and bread of heaven,
Jesus Christ, our friend and brother
Make us bread for one another.

Wine poured out at end of day:
“All your sins are washed away;”
Jesus Christ, our friend and brother
Free us all to love each other.

Friends and strangers, one cup sharing,
Life abundant – mutual caring;
Jesus Christ, our friend and brother
Show us how to love each other.

As we feast and serve together,
Lives unite in God’s endeavour;
Jesus Christ, our friend and brother
We commit to love each other.

2 thoughts on “Hymns

  1. Thank you. I’m doing a service with Prejudice as the theme, and found your hymn ‘Called to Faith’.
    – Kathleen, Henderson Methodist Church, Auckland, NZ

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